Rimsys Announces New Brand Identity for World-Leading Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Software

Rimsys Announces New Brand Identity



Rimsys, a world-leading Regulatory Information Management (RIM) software platform for medical technology companies, announced a new brand identity and tagline. Rimsys, the only holistic RIM software on the market designed specifically for medical technology companies, with functionality for the pillars of regulatory affairs, rebranded to accurately reflect its novel and advanced offering through a distinct, modern brand identity and messaging platform.

The new visual identity, including logo, color palette, graphic elements, and iconography mirror the trusted, relatable, and modern personality of Rimsys. The colors, which feature a vibrant purple and dark blue, were strategically chosen to differentiate Rimsys from other RIM solutions on the market. The visuals are accompanied by a new mission statement, “to digitize, automate, and create regulatory order for the medical technology industry,” and messaging platform that conveys its value propositions:

  • Used and trusted by the world’s leading medtech companies
  • Built by and for regulatory affairs professionals in medtech
  • Easy to start and simple to scale as your company grows

“We’re pleased to announce this rebrand to our customers and partners, with complete confidence that the new identity and messaging accurately reflect our enterprise software solution,” said James Gianoutsos, Founder & President at Rimsys.

Rimsys consolidates all the major functions of regulatory affairs on a 100% secure, cloud-based software, making product registration, standards management, essential principles/GSPR, and regulatory intelligence easy. These functions, plus soon-to-be-released features, were formally messaged in the rebrand, including superior server security, system compliance, and simple integrations with many leading enterprise QMS and ERP/PLM software systems.

“With successful implementations in some of the world’s leading medical technology companies including Johnson & Johnson and Terumo, we already know Rimsys has the power to modernize medtech companies of all sizes and scales,” said Gianoutsos. “And now, with a brand that mirrors our capabilities, we’re even better poised to reach out and help more

Components of the rebrand can be seen on rimsys.io, and the full rebrand will be revealed on a new website that is currently under development.

Rimsys is a world-leading provider of Regulatory Information Management (RIM) software designed specifically for the medical device industry. Rimsys offers a suite of cloud-based regulatory affairs software solutions to simplify and manage global product registrations, standards, essential principles requirements, UDI requirements, regulatory documents, changing regulations and more.